Medicolegal Practice

General Information

I provide a range of professional medicolegal services and specialist reports to clients, including:
medicolegal agencies;
NHS Trusts and Health Authorities;
on matters of alleged negligence, clinical governance and risk management.

All reports are prepared on a Joint Expert basis, according to the Wolfe Rules, to best practice guidelines, fairly and independently, and for the use of the Courts, regardless of the commissioning source.

Preliminary advice is also available to solicitors on individual cases in advance of formal proceedings.

I am pleased to provide reports on the basis of case notes for clients in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Where appropriate, clients are invited for interview and clinical assessment at the

Fees are charged on a case by case basis according to complexity on an hourly rate or on a fixed fee basis by arrangement.

Enquiries should be directed by post to Mr Rew's Private Secretary Miss Karen Healey at

The Spire Southampton Hospital,
Chalybeate Close, Tremona Road,
Southampton SO16 6UY,

By Telephone (direct line) 02380 764325

By Fax (Spire Hospital) 02380 0701160

By email Karen.HEALEY@spirehealthcare.com

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