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Dear Colleague

This web site has been produced to allow patient and professional access to a range of information resources reflecting the clinical practice and academic and specialist interests of the contributors, and to consolidate information on one independent site which is not otherwise readily or conveniently available.

It is designed as a flexible and adaptable resource. We welcome professional feedback to help us improve its functionality and utility for you and your patients.

We place considerable emphasis on speed of access to all elements of the service, within the resource constraints of the NHS. The following notes are intended to help you optimise access to our professional services

NHS Outpatient appointments

Breast referrals
Urgent referrals should be made on the fax forms provided by the hospital, or by faxed letter, in order to ensure that patients are seen within two weeks of referral. Urgent referrals will generally be allocated generically to optimise speed of access and efficient use of consultant resources.

Non-urgent referrals may be made on a conventional letter. They will be allocated to the named consultant wherever possible, but may also be allocated generically

Thyroid, Parathyroid and Adrenal Referrals

Urgent referrals may be made on the Fax form provided by the Trust, or by faxed letter.

Urgent and routine referrals may also be made by conventional letter or fax to Mr Rew.

General Surgical Referrals

These should be made in writing to the named consultant. General and Minor Cases may be allocated generically to a surgeon other than the named recipient in order to optimise access times and use of resources.

Direct access day case admissions for local anaesthetic procedures:

Where indicated by the referring GP, or where judged suitable on the basis of the referral letter, we may offer direct access admission appointments to the day unit to save the inconvenience of an additional and often unnecessary outpatient attendance.

Your patients should be warned that the final decision for surgery in such cases rests with the admitting surgeon. Specific attendance instructions will be forwarded by the Hospital.

Telephone advice
We are very pleased to offer advice by letter or telephone, and to expedite urgent cases on request.

In urgent cases, enquiries about NHS patients may be made during office hours to the Firm secretaries on 02380-825785.

We aim to maintain efficient and effective communications with GPs and individual patients.

Post Graduate Education Programmes
We are pleased to arrange to visit surgeries and local postgraduate meetings to talk about any aspect of professional practice within our expertise in either a formal or an informal setting.

Visits to clinics

We are pleased to arrange educational visits by bona fide local practitioners to our outpatient clinics on request.

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