Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships

The Academic Breast and Endocrine Firm works closely with colleagues in the Cancer Sciences Division of Southampton University Hospitals, the University of Southampton and other regional and national organisations in the conduct of original research.

We welcome applications from well motivated doctors in training and from doctoral science students wishing to undertake specified projects in our fields of clinical competence and caseload, or related to our academic interests.

Individuals who bring their own proposals and evidence of motivation and academic orientation are particularly welcome.


Unfortunately, there is no pot of gold to fund research or the salary of researchers. Charitable monies are directed to the most able students and trainees, and it is usually necessary to identify the individual researcher before fund applications can be made.

Forward project planning is thus essential. We will give every support to good candidates to find funding, as for example by appointment to a local private hospital as a part time resident medical officer, or to the Royal College of Surgeons Research Fund.


Research fellows taken on by the Unit will be expected to apply for an Honorary Employment contract with the Trust, and to undertake clinical duties amounting to one session per week This allows the researcher to maintain and develop clinical skills, and helps us with our busy workload.

Scope of Research

Our published research gives a clear indication of the range of our academic interests, and may provide the basis for further ideas and proposals.

Mr Rew has a particular interest at present in supporting projects in the following fields:

1. Advanced multidimensional database design to study outcomes and the contribution of multifactorial interventions over long terms, with reference to breast and other cancers.

2. Studies of cell proliferation and the co-expression of regulatory factors in a large series of archived, bromodeoxyuridine labelled human tumours

3. Studies of tumour drug resistance using laser cytometry. This has recently led to two PhD awards to students of Mr Rew by the University of Leicester.

4. Studies of the application of microarray technology to the characterisation of drug resistance associated gene profiles in human tumours.

Interested parties are also referred to our published works for further insights into our academic interests.

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