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Southampton Medical Students and Mr Rew’s Surgical Practice This page is intended for Southampton University Hospital medical students, and for overseas medical students seeking attachments and training opportunities on Mr Rew’s sessions for the General, Breast and Endocrine Surgical Firm. The teaching of medical students and junior doctors in training is an important aspect of our work for the Trust. Third and fifth year medical students are encouraged to observe and participate in all clinical aspects of the Firm’s activities. Fourth year student projects are regularly supervised on the firm. These are addressed on a separate page (link). Our location at the RSH can cause transport and attendance problems for SUHT based students, and students are thus encouraged to plan their timetabling and attendances to maximise educational opportunities with us. The General, Breast and Endocrine Surgical Firm is based at the Royal South Hants Hospital, and collocated with: -the day and intermediate stay Surgical Unit, -Grimston ward; for Breast and intermediate stay cases, -the Southampton and Salisbury Breast Screening Unit; -The SUHT Outpatient Unit -The Cancer Services outpatient unit The RSH General Surgical Firm comprises two consultant surgeons, Mr David Rew and Mr Gavin Royle: one associate specialist, Mr Ed Annas: one visiting consultant, Mr Roger Allsopp; one surgical registrar, two senior house officers, and a house surgeon. We are assisted by three outpatient sessional GP hospital practitioner posts. We are also supported by consultant surgeons plastic surgery unit at Odstock Hospital, Salisbury. The firm undertakes a wide range of surgical procedures, diagnostic procedures and outpatient consultations, including; -The diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant breast disorders -The diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders -General surgical procedures for hernias, skin, soft tissue and minor anorectal conditions -Laparoscopic surgery of the gallbladder, adrenal gland and ovary -Gastroscopy (OGD), Flexible Sigmoidoscopy and Colonoscopy It supports the multidisciplinary teams in breast and endocrine disorders, and individual consultants work jointly with other specialists in the Trust, regionally and nationally in respect of complex procedures and treatment strategies. The firm is an important component of the SUHT Surgical Directorate, and partakes fully in the Emergency Surgical Take Rota on Fridays and at weekends. The firm is active throughout the year. Students are particularly encouraged to attend between May and September, when learning opportunities are greater by virtue of the asymmetric allocations of the University year. Students are encouraged to attend sessions singly or at most in pairs to maximise learning opportunities. White coats and a sober, professional appearance and dress code are mandatory for all male and female students attending sessions of this firm. Mr Rew’s timetable for student attendances is as follows. Monday am (alternating, check with my NHS secretary) -operating list (hernias, vasectomies, soft tissue and minor ops) Lymington Hospital, 0800-1200. -Outpatient clinic, Hythe Hospital, 0830-1100 Students will need their own transport to attend this session Monday 1300hrs (5th year students only): Weekly diary meeting, C level offices, RSH Monday pm: general and endocrine surgical clinic, RSH 1400-1730 Tuesday all day: Operating list at RSH Wednesday am: diagnostic endoscopy, gastroscopy and colonoscopy list, RSH Wednesday pm: Symptomatic breast clinic, RSH, 1400-1730 Friday am: Operating list, RSH (alternate weeks) 0830-1230 Friday all day (alternate weeks): Operating list, SGH 0830-1600 Friday 1600-1715: Multidisciplinary Breast Meeting, E Level Pathology Seminar Room, SGH Students are encouraged to attend the surgical take, coordinated from E7 Ward at SGH on Fridays and at weekends. Students should make best use of their time during all other sessions through ward work, library and private study, or through attending one of the many relevant clinical activities around the Trust, for example Xray sessions. Students should also carry a surgical or reference text with them to make best use of time between sessions and to aid discussions. Text provided by Mr David Rew, Copyright 2003

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