This website offers information in support of the professional medical and surgical practice of Mr David Rew, Consultant Surgeon to Southampton University Hospitals and to the Defence Medical Services, and colleagues.

It is intended as a convenient service and resource for a wide variety of individuals, including

- Patients,

- Colleagues in the health professions, including hospital doctors and general practitioners

- Members of multi-and cross-disciplinary teams who support my clinical practice

- Medical and nursing students of the University of Southampton

- Doctors in basic surgical training

- Surgeons in higher professional training 

- Those seeking professional advice and formal reports on medicolegal matters and personal injury

- Those seeking advice on the management of advanced trauma services and matters arising from the work of the Defence Medical Services

- Those seeking advice on the formulation of clinical scientific studies; writing for publication; clinical research and development; and other matters relating to Journal Editorship.

- Relevant and personal publications.

It is also provided as a source a specialist information on aspects of my  clinical practice, in respect of the diagnosis and treatment of conditions in the fields of:

- Surgery in general, including skin lesions, "lumps and bumps"; hernias; gall bladder problems; and abdominoplasties

- Disorders of the female breast, including benign conditions, breast cancer and matters of form and appearance

- Disorders of the male breast, including gynaecomastia and breast cancer

- Disorders of the thyroid gland in adults and children, including cervical and retrosternal goitres, adenomas, graves disease and thyroid cancer

- Disorders of the parathyroid gland in adults and children

Clinical information on this site is compiled and presented in good faith as representing excellence in practice in the views of the authors. Individuals may use it as the basis for further discussion with general and family practitioners in the context of personal medical circumstances.

Please note that for United Kingdom residents, a formal referral to a consultant from a GP or medical specialist colleague is regarded as best practice and would normally be requested. Enquiries from overseas residents will be addressed according to individual circumstances.

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